google map karachi

google map karachi

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State : Pakistan

google map karachi satellite
Province : Sind
Coordinates : ♁24° 52′ N , 67° 1′ ECoordinates: 24° 51′ 36″ N , 67° 0′ 36″ E| |OSM
Height : 8m _
Area : 3 527 km²

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residents : 14,910,352 (2017)

Metropolitan area : 15,700,000 (2017)
population density : 4,227 inhabitants per km²
time zone : PST ( UTC+5 )
Phone code : (+92) 021
Zip code : 74000-75900
License plate : KA and KC

Karachi (Pakistan)

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Google Earth Karachi

Latest Satellite Imagery
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Google Earth Karachi had no (significant) update for a long period (3/4 years?) though CDGK had given the city a relatively different look. GOOD news is,

they are now updating KARACHI and recently one can see all major updates (starting with an over-due Nursery flyover map/patch) and almost all changes in last 4 years now incorporated. Keep in mind, the visibility might be a question but GOOGLE has this layered approach when updating maps so places will get more visible and clear with time. Thank you so much Team GOOGLE (Earth).Here are some screen-shots. See if you figure out the places correctly.

Karachi ( Urdu كراچى Karācī , Sindhi ڪراچي, English Karachi ) is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the province of Sindh ;

until 1959 it was the capital of Pakistan.

With 14.9 million inhabitants (2017) [1] [2] Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world . 16.9 million people live in the agglomeration (2018).

Karachi Ka

[3] In Pakistan, there is no authority for registering the residence of persons; the population figures given are therefore projections based on the census results.

The administrative area of ​​Karachi is not a contiguous urban area, but – with its rural settlement structure dominating outside the core city – is more comparable to a small province.

The city is an economic, commercial and production center, transport hub, cultural center with numerous universities,

karachi ki

colleges, research institutes, museums, galleries and monuments as well as the largest port in the country. One of the most important sights is Mazar-e-Quaid,

the mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), who was born and buried in the city.

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