succession-The finale of “Succession” has occurred, and the outcome was?

The finale of “Succession” has occurred, and the outcome was never the purpose.


The main idea

Greg’s snooping around a meeting where Matsson revealed his real choice for the next U.S. CEO: Tom, led to the dissolution of Matsson’s alliance with Shiv. In order to derail the GoJo deal and make him CEO, Kendall was able to rally the siblings, but Shiv ultimately refused to join the scheme. While Roman was enjoying a drink, GoJo acquired Waystar, Tom was named CEO, and Kendall was lost on the streets of New York.


The woman with the knife name is always a good bet.

We first believed that Kendall and Shiv would square off in this episode, with her attempting to push the GoJo transaction through (and take over as the new boss) and him attempting to block it (and take over as the new boss). While Shiv and Kendall both traveled to their mother’s home in the Caribbean to look for a missing Roman, Matsson chose to pursue Tom for the position, claiming, among other things, that he couldn’t hire Shiv because he wanted to have sex with her. Greg, who was able to eavesdrop on Matsson via a translation software, watched as Shiv and Kendall argued while Roman sought to avoid the situation.

The finale of “Succession”

Oskar then informed Kendall via phone that Shiv had left.
Greg informed Kendall of the information. And Kendall made use of it to win over Shiv and Roman. The three of them decided to unite their efforts in an effort to thwart the deal and install Kendall as the leader. However, things became more challenging once they returned to New York and Shiv learned that Matsson wanted to choose Tom. She also began to appear unwell once she arrived at Waystar and saw Kendall occupying her father’s office in preparation for his ascent to power. And when it came down to it, she abstained when the vote was deadlocked and she had the power to break the tie. Roman and Kendall came after, and

She gave the bad news that she was unable to.
There will be many different justifications for Shiv’s actions. She might have felt guilty for Tom and thought she owed him something. She may not have been able to move past the numerous wrongdoings Kendall has committed against her, such as the time he played Nirvana’s “Rape Me” over the Waystar loudspeakers while she was speaking and the fact that Kendall and Roman have spent the entire season cutting her out while making excuses for their actions.


Roman also attempted to give Jeryd Mencken the keys to the nation. Perhaps she reasoned that her husband stood a better chance of maintaining a relationship with the business than her brother and that those were her only two options. She might have had some inkling that Kendall lacked the necessary skills.

She also mentioned that he killed someone.

Since the catastrophic incident in Tuscany after Caroline’s wedding, in which Kendall confessed to his brothers, the automobile crash at the conclusion of the first season had been dormant. Kendall had driven while high and ended up killing a young waiter at Shiv’s wedding. Even when Shiv and Kendall appeared to be getting quite candid during some portions of “America Decides,” they never mentioned it or even alluded to it. They never jabbed him with it. Therefore, it appeared that it might just never come up again. But why did it have to come up once more? It’s difficult to believe she wouldn’t bring up the subject if Kendall and Shiv were going to have a contentious confrontation. And

In the heat of the moment, she finally did.
Shiv and Tom finally get into their car together, albeit not quite; she places her hand on top of his but doesn’t quite grip it. Nevertheless, with a child on the way, it appears likely that they will rekindle their marriage and eventually find a way for Shiv to rejoin Waystar. Shiv is a woman who has only had a few options throughout her life. Her father gave her the best position but afterwards withdrew it. Her brothers excluded her. Because she is incapable of loving, her husband doesn’t even believe she should have children. She’s made her decisions. They will house her.



In a way, Kendall succeeding his father has always been the central theme of Succession. This initially meant taking over as CEO of Waystar Royco; it was very literal. Would Kendall take over? seemed to be the central question in every situation.


He came dangerously close. It was so terrible to watch Jeremy Strong portray the assured, polished side of Kendall during the first session of the board meeting because it appeared to be far too simple. This simple couldn’t be true. Roman may have been in difficulty, so Kendall tried to make everything okay by fathering, hugging, and comforting him. He even convinced Stewy, his lone steadfast friend, to rejoin “Team Ken” in order to support him.

It wasn’t sufficient. His sister and brother briefly sided with him. At their mother’s house, they were friendly and funny, and we got one last glimpse of Kendall in the water after all the water imagery with him throughout the series. He managed to have his proudest moment while sitting on a dock, finally rising above the water, with his sister and brother swimming to him.

The finale Succession

Even as they went about splitting up Logan’s belongings, Connor played a recording of his father hosting a very typical dinner party with friends, giving them a very lovely opportunity to share a memory of their father. Kendall was genuinely the happiest we’ve ever seen him in this middle stretch.

It was not going to last.


Roman was the only brother to appear a little happier at the end of this episode than at the beginning for the straightforward reason that he had come to terms with himself and his siblings and was no longer arguing. Kendall was informed by him that Shiv, Roman, and Kendall were all garbage and that this was just the way things were. They aren’t serious individuals, according to their father. Finally sneaking out of the Waystar building, he made his way to a pub where no one wanted to get into a fight with him. After that, he ordered a martini. He also grinned.


If I had to choose just one player from this season, there’s a fair case to be made that Kieran Culkin has been it. This is in part due to the ease with which he has transitioned between really touching moments like the funeral and awful ones like his actions on election night. When he chose to tell Kendall that Shiv is the genuine bloodline and Kendall’s children are phony, Roman once again displayed his ugly side. At least, that’s what Logan used to say. Unsurprisingly, this leads to the physical altercation that provides Shiv the opportunity to leave the room and cast her vote to award the firm to Matsson.

Succession” has occurred, and the outcome was?


Tom did not become the series’ leader due to any clever gambit, masterful maneuver, or insane chess play. Tom became the leader by being a trustworthy sucka who only ever considered following the power wherever it led. He lacks values and special abilities, but because he also lacks pride, he has consistently been willing to be a literal yes man. Yes, I’ll cheat on my wife, yes, I’ll serve a prison sentence for you, and yes, I’ll take the job you’re offering me even though you know I won’t contribute anything to it. Yes, I’ll conceal the fact that you’re you from my wife and my child’s mother.

The finale of “Succession

Her backstabbing will be exploited by me, despite the fact that you are a disgusting, sexist creep in part responsible. Unanimously, yeah.
Because he was not raised in this world, Tom has probably gotten around it better than anyone. Tom is aware of how these individuals view power since he had to acquire that knowledge in order to survive. Except for his malleability, he had no natural advantages. Despite the fact that his biggest concern about incarceration was forgetting to burp the toilet wine, he is the closest thing this world has to a scrapper.

When there are no ideals and no loyalty, the only option is to humiliate yourself in any way necessary to gain or maintain your position, such as playing boar on the floor or remaining silent as a misogynist denigrates your wife. And ultimately, it’s possible that you will become a figurehead as well, elevated by someone who has no faith in you and who may become even more grotesquely wealthy while earning no more respect from anyone.

good conclusion

The best endings have the dual effects of being unexpected—you wouldn’t have thought of them—and inevitable. This, in my opinion, passes the criteria.
I believe that is the ideal conclusion for this program. It appears that Kendall’s eventual defeat was unavoidable. And this season has placed a lot of emphasis on males who treat women horribly but get away with it. It therefore makes perfect sense that Siobhan’s final revelation that, if you must choose a husband in a world dominated by men, you should probably choose with the one you can get along with the best was the realization that prevented Kendall from ascending to the throne. When Kendall once remarked to Shiv with a quivering lip that it would never be him, he was absolutely correct.

Who would prevail was never the point. The idea was always that these people will inevitably turn the struggle against themselves, which is exactly what happened. The best endings have the dual effects of being unexpected—you wouldn’t have thought of them—and inevitable. This, in my opinion, passes the criteria.

Several other points

There have always been supporters of Greg who thought Greg would eventually take over the entire business. That has always felt like a stretch—even Matsson is unlikely to trust that much money with someone who was a barfing mascot just over a year ago. Greg almost always seemed to betray Tom at some point, which is exactly what happened. The most surprising moment of the finale may have been when Greg had the nerve to slap Tom back when he attacked him in the bathroom. Greg is still here to continue sucking up. He benefits from the fact that, as far as we know, Tom has no other friends in the world.


The reference to Lawrence Yee, the owner of the Vaulter who Kendall was battling in the very first episode and whose company Kendall ruthlessly destroyed at his father’s command, was well appreciated. As if to remind Kendall and us that he has left quite a trail of damage, a few of his old demons returned.
Salutations to the legendary Harriet Walter, who raised Kendall, Shiv, and Roman while being so beautifully enigmatic. Here, she appears in possibly her nicest light, pleading with her children to stop bickering and visit.

Although seeing so little of Gerri in this episode was rather disappointing, what little we did see of her had a powerful impact. Roman is always emotionally charged whenever he sees Gerri, whether it’s because he let her down, she’s upset with him, he still has a crush on her, she still turns him on, or he still wants to be mothered by her. It’s one of my only regrets that there wasn’t a second season to see how that dynamic played out.
How shall I put it? It ranks among my all-time favorite shows. Brilliantly performed, written, and directed, not to mention a lot of fun to discuss. I appreciate you reading.

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